Wason Brazobán’s Sister Dies Of Cardiac Arrest, Singer Dedicates Her Emotional Message

Wason Brazobán’s Sister Dies Of Cardiac Arrest, Singer Dedicates Her Emotional Message

The Dominican singer Wason Brazobán is visibly devastated on social media, his only sister Noelia Brazobán, died of a heart attack.

Noelia Brazobán was a prosperous business woman and was married to major league player Starling Marte, known for being the outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Brazobán, who is internationally known for his love and heartbreak songs, used Instagram to share how he feels about this loss. “We were five boys and suddenly the best news came, a female was on the way and her name would be Noelia,” he wrote. “You [Noelia] came and changed everything in the house. I as the second oldest and I had to change your clothes when mommy and daddy were working,” recalls the “Tu Eres Mi Reina” singer.

“Then they gave you the luxury of studying ballet being us poor and we never felt jealous of you, we were happy to have you at home, we always pampered you and when you screwed up we had a hard time talking to you, but we always, always forgave you everything,” he continued. “But what I know that none of your brothers are going to forgive you is that you left first than us, and left our souls forever broken.”

Brazobán also said the would prefer to die first. “The plan was that you will bury us, not the opposite,” he wrote. “Girl of the house, the spoiled. Who the hell do you think you are for leaving us alone? So suddenly, without warning. We are not going to forgive you, sister of my soul.”

The artist finished his post joking with her new angel. “When we met in heaven, I’m going to pull your ears for the first time in my life,” he continued adding that she can tell his parents in heaven. “I love you! Much more than I always told you! Go with God and tell him to send us peace, because you left a mess here on earth.”