El General’s ‘Rica y Apretadita’ vs. Pitbull’s ‘No Lo Trates’: A Comparison

El General’s ‘Rica y Apretadita’ vs. Pitbull’s ‘No Lo Trates’: A Comparison

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Daddy Yankee, Natti Natasha and Pitbull, “No Lo Trates”

Like “Rica y Apretadita,” “No Lo Trates” (Don’t try it) is a song about two men trying to conquer the same girl. The girl, on the other hand, makes it very clear that she’s an independent woman who knows her self-worth and is not easy to please.

“No Lo Trates” jumped 8-1 on Latin Airplay chart-dated Sept. 14. This week, the song also topped the Latin Pop Airplay and Latin Rhythm Airplay charts, becoming the fifth song to lead all three charts this year.

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In celebration of two successful tracks, Billboard compares the original and new versions.

Title: “Rica y Apretadita”

Artist: El General feat. Anayca

Release Year: 1994

Song: In the early 1990s, “Rica y Apretadita” not only put Panamanian artist El General on international blast, but it also put in the forefront the infectious Caribbean rhythms of Latin reggae and plena. The song is in collaboration with Anayca. “Rica y Apretadita” never entered the Billboard charts; however, it continues to be a party favorite even 25 years after its release.

Video: Off the bat, the official “Rica y Apretadita” music video is NSFW. With that said, the clip shows El General having a work meeting while a beautiful lady interferes. Throughout the video, El General’s mischievous side comes out to play as he’s checking out other girls. In another clip, he’s laying down in his uniform as he’s being seduced by two women at the same time.

Title: “No Lo Trates”

Artist: Pitbull, Daddy Yankee & Natti Natasha

Release Year: 2019

Song: Paying tribute to a true Latin classic, Pitbull recruited Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha to drop a revamped version of “Rica y Apretadita” in 2019. The fiery collaboration, called “No Lo Trates,” has different lyrics but the same flirtatious essence in the chorus. The melody fuses reggaeton with Caribbean flow, bringing to life a new party favorite. On social media, Pitbull dubbed the collab as a “triple threat.”

Video: The video for “No Lo Trates,” directed by Andrew Sandler, shows the three artists having a great time in a vintage-inspired club with many beautiful dancers and a live band. Unlike the original video from the ‘90s, this one is suitable for work! “The hottest music video with the hottest (artists) is already out,” Natti expressed on Instagram when the video dropped May 6, 2019. At the time of publishing, the clip had more than 148 million views.