Lali Esposito Talks New Album, ‘Brava,’ & Track by Track Review

Lali Esposito Talks New Album, ‘Brava,’ & Track by Track Review

Lali is resting in Ibiza after her last sold-out shows in Miami and Tel Aviv. She also stopped by Madrid, where she got tons of promotion supported by Spanish radio host Tony Aguilar of Los 40 Principales.

Even before the fall, you may see her in Fox Latin America and in Acusada, a movie directed by Gonzalo Tobal that will appear at Venice Film Festival and will premiere Sept. 13 in Argentina. Also, Esposito is about to start a tour through Argentina, Uruguay and Chile that will have its official start in Luna Park, one of Argentina’s most prominent theaters.

“Every project has its own special aura, and I perform magic to join them all together. With a lot of passion, my schedule finds its place,” she says while she checks her pink iPhone.

She manages her own social media. Both on Instagram and Twitter, her followers are over 5 million. Those platforms are a way for her to be informed, but also a chance to communicate with her fans.

“As a citizen, I have to express my opinion about some causes, otherwise I wouldn’t forgive myself,” she confesses.

Lali is referring to public debate on abortion and fight for women’s rights in Argentina, in which she’s been actively participating.

“We should realize that everything is universal and that it’s not divided by gender. We’re heading that way,” she told Billboard.

Lali Esposito poses in the Studio during the MTV EMAs 2017 held at The SSE Arena on Nov. 12, 2017 in London. 


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Lali shows that she’s gained more confidence by standing up for herself. Recently, young Argentina popstar Duki told Rolling Stone: “Look, I’m gonna make it short: I’m not Lali Espósito, I don’t want fame. I’m a guy who comes from nothing, and I want to be a musical legend. Do you understand? I’m hungrier than all the people in this building. I’m gonna eat the world up.”

So, Lali tweeted: “Let Duki know that I was also born very ambitious, and that’s why I’ve made it this far. I didn’t search for fame either. It came to me!”

Since she launched Soy, her second solo album in 2016, she’s completed a career that started when she was a 10-year-old prodigy, and has always combined music with acting. Today, at 26, her audience is getting bigger.

With a 77-week stay and a peak at No. 2 on the Social 50 chart — the global chart that measures artists with the most activity on social media — she’s become the Argentine artist with the best reach on the Billboard global lists. She’s also currently on the Emerging Artists chart.

La Original Banda El Limon de Salvador Lizarraga perform onstage during the 15th Annual Latin Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Nov. 20, 2014 in Las Vegas. 


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This way, she creates intrigue and surprise in North America, where she’s compared to Camila Cabello or Anitta as the “girl next door.” Lali Esposito make teenagers trust in their dreams, and in the hope of reaching them, thanks to her ability to conquer their hearts.

She is also part of a group of frontgirls, along with TiniBecky GKarol GNatti NatashaSofia ReyesMaite PerroniLeslie Grace and Paty Cantú, who are renovating the Latin music scene.

Lali Esposito talks to Billboard Argentina:

What’s the wildest thing you’ve done in life?

Well… if I recall anything specific, I’d refer to school days. They voted me as class delegate because I’d argue and defend the issues we went through as students with professors and authorities. But the musical industry is wilder. You have to stand your ground and defend your principles and dreams. The album speaks of this bravery. The willingness to dare and impose, to say is to yell. That’s the way I move in life.

How much of your life is hard work and how much is fairy tales?

I’m not gonna separate the fairy tales from the work because in this profession, unlike others, it has to be seen as a whole. Every show is a fairy tale because of what you go through up there. There are reality checks and fantasy checks at the same time. It looks like a science fiction movie. That sensation is always there.

I’d rather unite those two universes rather than divide them. Everyone dreams of being an artist. Now that we made Talento FOX, I can really see this in everyone, not just the contestants. Music is like a balm for many things, and if that’s your job, like it is in my case, well then, I feel blessed.