6 Alejandra Guzman Songs to Celebrate Pride Month

6 Alejandra Guzman Songs to Celebrate Pride Month

Guzman’s musical anthems have empowered the LGBTQ community for decades and the Mexican pop/rock singer has been an outspoken supporter since early in her storied career.

Alejandra Guzman grew up in a family of stars. No matter what, the Mexican pop/rock artist has made her own path, her way. A staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community, we’re highlighting some of the entertainer’s most fab songs in honor of Pride Month.

“Todos Me Miran” (Live from Mexico City)

Even a divided world cannot stop Guzman, who never looked so good in a shimmering gold fringe dress than she did during this performance. In “Todos Me Miran” (Everyone Looks at Me), the audience is encouraged to stand tall no matter what.

“Volverte a Amar” (To Love You Again)

This is a classic, and the video provides intimate moments with Guzman backstage. We see strength, vulnerability and a true entertainer who dazzles on stage. Here, she also introduces her brother Luis Enrique and singer/songwriter Mario Domm, who co-wrote the song with Guzman.

“Eternamente Bella”

The title of this Guzman hit translates to “eternally beautiful,” and this throwback video shows that the Mexican singer has always had an illuminating stage presence and ability to move elegantly, thanks to her dance training.

“Hey Güera”

The snappy, catchy and bold pop ballad is a fan favorite. Here, Guzman sings about someone who took her man. The Siempre en Domingo (a Mexican variety show) performance is a must-watch.

“Yo Te Esperaba” (En Vivo)

Before Guzman’s daughter Frida Sofia was born, the Mexican star wrote a letter to her. It gave way to the tender track “Yo Te Esperaba” (I Waited for You), making for one of Guzman’s most endearing compositions of her career.

“Hacer el Amor Con Otro”

Guzman’s signature heartbreak power ballad takes a different tone as it is performed by both Guzman and the late regional Mexican star Jenni Rivera. Watch how two beloved entertainers celebrated their friendship.