10 Things Dominicans Do That Americans Might Find Weird!!!!

10 Things Dominicans Do That Americans Might Find Weird!!!!

The first time an American meets a Dominican, they may find themselves feeling a little confused by some of their actions. Although, we may not find any of these things to be super out of the ordinary, others might disagree. Here are 10 things Dominican do that Americans might find just a bit weird.

1. Playing Dominoes Outdoors

It’s no secret that Dominican men love to play dominoes and they can do it for hours sitting outside their building or at the local bodega.

2. Calling Their Friends “Loco” (which means “crazy”)

The phrase “Dimelo, loco” is common among Dominicans and their friends. But they’re not actually calling each other crazy – it’s a term of endearment where we come from.

3. That Insane Love for Plantains

What can we say? Platanos go great with everything!

4. Rocking the Tubi or Rolos in Public

Walking around with a tubi or rolos is like second nature because most Dominican women like to make sure they keep that fresh blowout intact!

5. Clapping at Random Moments

You can always spot Dominicans clapping enthusiastically when they find something really funny.  We’re not sure why, it just sort of happens!

6. Using Vivaporu As a Cure-All

Forget the doctor! Have a cold? Rub some Vicks. Have a cut? Rub some Vicks. Yes, Dominican mothers turn to Vivaporu (as they say) for just about everything!

7. Eating Sancocho on a Hot Day

Most people turn to soup in the winter, but you can find Dominicans whipping up un sancochito even on the hottest summer day.

8. Greeting Someone New (and Everyone Else) with a Hug & Kiss

Dominicans are warm and loving people. Instead of a handshake, they rather embrace people with a hug and kiss.

9. Celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…Twice!

Dominicans don’t just celebrate the United States’ designated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, they also celebrate Dominican Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

10. Talking Loudly While Having a Conversation

It may sound like we’re yelling all the time, but Dominicans just happen to talk really loud. This happens even more so if they”re really passionate about something.