Inspiration Station

I love you with an everlasting love, a love that cannot fail and will not fade. You are precious in My sight, My people, and a sign and a wonder on the earth, for you are My temple, My place of habitation where My glory is poured out. There is much work to do in this hour, but you must have no other gods before Me. You must cleanse the temple of all idols and remove all that offends Me. I am calling you into a closeness and more intimacy than you have known as a child of the King. I am calling you to greater authority in My kingdom, which requires dedication and integrity. I see those of you who once had a burning love in your heart for Me, but you have grown complacent and have become lukewarm. Today is the day to stir the cooling embers and cause these coals to become a roaring flame. The love that you once had for Me has become a dim memory, but now is the time for that love to be a living reality again.