Inspiration Station

So, you expected breakthrough by now, and your expectations have not been met. I say to you, do not be weary in well-doing, for you will reap in due season if you do not faint. Refuse to give in to discouragement and weakness. Rise up in strength so that you can be victorious in the midst of this trouble. This is not a new place of testing for you. You have already been this way, and these old feelings are quite familiar to you. You have a unique opportunity now to see these tests for what they are and give no place to the stubbornness and insistence of your soul to have its way instead of choosing the way of the Spirit. Look at the root of this problem in yourself and bring to light in honesty of heart the fears and selfishness that have ruled your heart for so long. This is the season of breakthrough, but you must be willing to be completely honest with yourself, others and Me.