Inspiration Station

I speak to those of you who go through life as though you were in a beauty contest, always finding yourself being a runner-up and not the winner. I say to you that you are a winner in My sight, but not because of your own beauty and not because of your own works. You are a winner by My grace. Stop striving in competitive effort to be on top, for this is vain and futile. The only way for you to be victorious is to humble yourself and be My servant. For, I only exalt those who are humble, and I debase those who have exalted themselves. Submit, therefore, under My authority and let Me do with you what is the most propitious for you. I tell you the truth, I will lead you where you need to go; I will guide you through the maze of your circumstances; I will exalt you in due time for My purposes and not your own, but only as you yield your life wholly to Me.