Inspiration Station

I speak to you who have faced discouragement and disappointment, and it seems as though every time you get a little strength and rise up in expectation, your hopes are dashed to pieces. As you look around, it seems like you’ve been in this place of desolation forever and that there is no way out of this desert. But, I tell you that you are there for a season. Whether you know it or not, I have been preparing you and giving you a most unique opportunity to know more of Me and to prove your faithfulness. I have not forgotten you, nor have I forsaken you. I am still as close as the whisper of My name. And when you seek Me in the intimacy of your own heart, I am there. The reason you don’t find me always is that your anger and frustration build a barrier between us. Won’t you tear down the wall of defensiveness between us and forgive? Stop trying to do things your own way. The presumption that comes from wanting it your way circumvents My perfect and divine will for your life. Give up. Let go. Release yourself to My purposes and plans for you.