Inspiration Station

I am doing a secret work in the secret places of your heart. Many of you have set about to try to look better on the outside, presenting yourselves as holy and righteous to those around you, but I see what is inside, and there is still a cleansing work to be done. Behavior modification will simply not do, for that equates to hypocrisy. If you will come and yield yourselves to Me, I will cleanse you and make you completely whole. But, you have to leave the past behind. You must rise up and throw off your dirty garments and make yourselves ready to receive robes of righteousness, for I will indeed clothe you with purity. First, however, you must yield to the cleansing. Come now with a change of mind and a change of heart, and choose to hate evil, for it is shameful to even speak of those things done in secret. Let My light expose the unfruitful work of darkness, and bring a cleansing from within.