Inspiration Station

This is a new Day. You can no longer walk in old ways, for I have new things to accomplish through you. I will cause you to be elevated in your walk with Me, for you are coming up higher, and I will change your style of ministry just as surely as you change your garments, for I tell you, the old ways of doing things were for times past and will not be effective in the days ahead. Be ready for change. For those who have ears to hear and hearts to receive and a willingness to be sensitive to My Spirit and be propelled ahead at My direction, get ready. I say, GET READY! For, your ministry will take off so quickly that you will be running to catch up. And, when you are running to catch up, it will be like a run-away automobile; you will have no other priority but to do My will. It will be impossible for you to be distracted from where I am taking you and what I have for you to do. And, you will rule and reign in My kingdom, by My Spirit, with greater authority and power. Because you wield the sword of the Spirit in the power I am about to release, great things will be accomplished. Rise up now, children, and let go of tradition and religious practices that would hinder what I am about to unleash. Get ready to run!