Inspiration Station

I speak to those of you who are extremely sensitive and creative. I am aware that you have been misunderstood and that you have never seemed to fit. I know of the rejection that you have endured from time to time, but I also see your patient endurance in continuing to glorify My kingdom despite the opposition. Consider My servant, David, who was also very sensitive and creative. He was likewise misunderstood by his family, despised by his wife, rejected and pursued in his time. Yet, I used him to raise up the Tabernacle of David as a place of worship because his heart was given to Me. I tell you the truth, I will build again the Tabernacle of David, which is fallen down, and I will restore the ruins. Haven’t I said that those who worship Me must worship in spirit and in truth? But, the church is in ruins because My people have worshipped Christianity and the religious system. They have allowed the money changers into the temple, and it is no longer a house of prayer; it is a house of religious business. But you, My Davids, do fit in My kingdom and have been chosen for such a time as this to restore worship to My house. Take courage, and do not despise your days of small beginnings.