Inspiration Station

I exhort you today to consider your strengths, your giftings, the things you CAN do. The enemy would try to get you to meditate on your shortcomings and failures and the things you cannot do, for he would love to drown you in a sea of despair. But, I have not called you to accomplish what you are unable to do. I do not expect you to walk in shoes that do not fit. I have equipped you for certain tasks in My kingdom, and I tell you assuredly that you have been in training for that which is ahead of you. Believe Me when I say that you have been in training since you were a child for the things that have been prepared for you. Even times in your life that you found difficult to endure became a place of instruction, for truly all things work together for good to those who love Me. I will not ask you to reach beyond your ability to achieve My desired goals, but I will cause you to stretch and go beyond your experience to accomplish more than you ever have. Your destiny is to bring glory to My kingdom.