Inspiration station

Come up higher! I am about to release a new level of anointing in your midst. It will no longer do for you to stay on the last plateau, for I am doing a new thing, and you will not be able to comprehend it if you don’t come higher. I hear your question, “How do I do that?” Quiet your soul and seek Me with greater intensity and focus. I will indeed pour out revelation knowledge and deeper understanding of My kingdom purposes. But, you must be in a position to receive what I am about to pour out. You must press through your comfort zone and step into territory that is unfamiliar. I tell you the truth, some of you have remained in old areas of religious comfort so long that you have gotten stuck there; you are truly established. But, I say to you, shake yourselves awake; be bold and take the next step. I am calling those who are willing to fast to break out of religious bondage. What I am about to pour out cannot be received where you are.