Inspiration Station

I am calling you higher and moving you forward, positioning you for greater effectiveness in My kingdom. I am commissioning you and assigning you tasks that will release My glory. Do not shrink back from what I am about to loose in your midst. Be done with fear of failure and limitations of the past. For, indeed, I am opening great and effective doors of opportunity that you never dreamed possible. In fact, you’ve never even considered what I am about to make available to you. And, I will pour out My Spirit in unprecedented ways in the days ahead. Remember that you will move forward shoulder to shoulder with others as one unit, in one company, with the vision of My purposes clear. You will no longer be face to face with others, for your focus will be on Me, and your mission will be clear. Nor will you be in each other’s faces as a result of insult or injury or in an effort to vindicate your flesh. Rise up out of self interest and selfish ambition; it is time to strike camp and move ahead.