Inspiration Station

I am leading you, My people, out of that place your have been wandering in that has seemed so dry and aimless. I am releasing you into your greater destiny and the great wealth of My kingdom. For, I have certainly chosen you and called you. I am anointing you and bringing you into the position of fulfilling your purpose in these times. Some of you have even felt a sense of boredom in Christian work. You’ve been “in the ministry,” but you are still unfulfilled and dissatisfied. That is because I have allowed divine discontentment. I have greater things for you to do. Watch and be amazed at the opportunities I am now releasing into your lives. These will be opportunities to do things and bring glory to My kingdom in ways you have never thought possible or even thought of before this. Can you sense the anticipation and excitement of what is about to be poured forth? Get ready, for those I choose and call, I equip and supply. Do not fear, for I will direct your every step. Rise above all self interest and selfish desire, for I am calling you to stand in your place on the wall that will require more self-sacrifice than you have ever considered. I am bringing a corporate vision to My body that will bring order and common purpose.