Inspiration Station

Don’t be surprised as I begin to reveal to you things in your heart that must be dealt with. In fact, I’m going to make you consciously aware of attitudes and behavior patterns that run contrary to My Word. These are things that have hindered your walk with Me and have kept you from the liberty of the Spirit that you desire. You will be amazed to find that you are actually getting free in areas that seem to have always been there and have seemingly been part of who you are. But, as you abide in Me and I in you, there are some things that just have to go because they are not consistent with where you are going and what I have in store for you. As these opportunities surface to make choices for the “dross” to be skimmed off, be careful that you don’t ignore the chance to be changed by trying to conceal the dark places of your heart. Yield to Me as the purifying fires burn.