Inspiration Station

We have been through a period of the past seven months where the Lord has brought about astounding changes in our lives.  He has done a work of bringing us into a complete and divine order, which seemed at the time to be really, really difficult because we didn’t fully understand what He was doing.  He had to bring destruction in ways that would cause us to let go of the things that would hinder His plans and purposes for us.  I’m not absolutely sure, but it looks like we are at the end of this re-ordering process.  I believe this was confirmed as I experienced an unnatural fatigue as though I had completed a long and exhausting journey.  Yet, when I awoke, I was completely refreshed and awake; not just awake from a night’s sleep, but awake and alert from a dark and deep spiritual sleep.  And, I believe that we have entered a new day of heightened discernment and clarity together with a sense of release and purpose that will help us yield more completely and move unhindered in the flow of the Holy Spirit.  2 Timothy 1:14 That good thing which was committed to you, keep by the Holy Spirit who dwells in us.