Inspiration Station

I speak to you who, because of need and presumption, have set up certain people and relationships in your own heart as idols. You elevated them in importance and worth, and when they did not perform according to your expectation or meet your particular need, you began to tear them down. You were in error to put them up and you are in error in tearing them down. This process had nothing to do with what they did or did not do; it has to do with the unrighteous motives of your own heart. You need to see others as I see them, says the Lord, and to love one another as I have loved you — not according to their performance with regard to your life or any merit of their own, for this is to judge according to the flesh instead of righteous judgment. See those around you in light of the fact that I love them and they are precious in My sight. Choose to be in agreement with the mind of Christ. Walk in the Spirit.