Inspiration Station

Before you are really free to move forward, you must resolve past issues that still nag at your heart. Leave nothing undone that could trip you up in the days ahead. Forgive those who have victimized you, and release all resentment and bitterness. Now is the time to obtain forgiveness and be released from the wrongs you have committed. Seek Me for wisdom, and I will show you how to make restitution in order to leave the past behind. The season you are now entering requires that you be unencumbered by regret of any kind. Deal decisively and swiftly with all that could hinder your progress. Do not be afraid to humble yourself in this process, for pride has been the culprit in every situation where division, strife, and contention have manifested and caused pain for yourself and others. You are about to complete the struggle of breaking out of your cocoon before you take flight. This is a defining spiritual moment.