Inspiration Station

I speak to your offense. Yes, I know you were wounded and hurt, and you feel justified in your reactions, says the Lord. But, now this festering sore is about to become a grudge, which will not only divide and separate you from those I have given you, but will remove you from fellowship with Me. Now is a crucial time when you must forgive and release those who have caused you pain, embarrassment, and disappointment. This breach in your heart makes you vulnerable to the work of the enemy, and it is his plan to lead you down the path of spiritual destruction. You cannot and will not hear my voice through this filter of bitterness. The decisions that you make under this kind of duress will be faulty. Stop where you are and allow the work of love to flow through you to extend forgiveness and only then you will be free of this bondage and hear My voice behind you saying, this is the way; walk in it.