Inspiration Station

Listen carefully and understand wisdom. Many in My kingdom are waiting for the wealth of the Gentiles to be transferred to them, but I say to you that the wealth of the Gentiles is not just their silver and gold; it is they themselves — those who do not know Me. In this new season I call you to work in My vineyard, which is My kingdom, to plant and to prune and to bring forth the harvest. Behold, I give seed to the sower, which is My Word, and I call you now to discern the times and the seasons and to know where to plant by discerning the ground of hearts prepared. Prepare your seed and go forth to plant at My leading. Deposit My Word in the hearts that have been made ready through your prayers to receive the seed and bring forth fruit. Watch and be amazed at the things that are about to transpire, for I am causing My people to redeem the land Those who have ears to hear will take back what the enemy has stolen and used for His purposes. I will bring life and joy to that which has suffered desolation. Lift up your heads and rejoice, for this is a great work.