Inspiration Station

I am taking you to the byways of life. It will be unfamiliar spiritual territory, for you have not been this way before. You will carry the Gospel message in your heart, and your countenance will shine forth as the sun with the glory of My presence. Your encounters will not bear the mark of the familiar or the mundane, and you will be required to rise higher in spiritual strength and perfection. Pay close attention to My leading, which I will confirm with various signs in the natural. Do not be afraid that you will lose your way, for I am your divine navigator, and I will take you through. Refuse to become dismayed if you are not received or accepted, for I am causing you to thresh, and I am bringing a separation. Those who receive you will receive your message. But, do not cast pearls before swine, for those who do not receive you will also not receive your message. Do not lose heart or allow disappointment to rule, because that which can be purified will be purified and that which is vile will remain vile still.