Inspiration Station

 You, My people, are about to be released into greater anointing than you have known. And, I am equipping and gifting you to accomplish all that is before you to do, for you will face challenges far beyond anything that you have heretofore encountered, which will require greater wisdom and discernment to overcome. I am calling forth a people who will demonstrate My kingdom in power. And, some would say, “You can’t use me, for I am nobody.” But, I say to you that you don’t have to be known or have a following to be used in the kingdom of God. What is required is that you become sensitive to My leading, and when I say, “Go there and speak this and do that,” you will certainly follow My instructions and perform by faith all that I ask. The gifting and empowerment is not so that you can receive glory and rise to fame, but that the Father be glorified. Prepare now by recognizing areas of unbelief and choosing rather to walk by faith in My power and ability to be exercised through you.