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Inspiration station

Come up higher! I am about to release a new level of anointing in your midst. It will no longer do for you to stay on the last plateau, for I am doing a new thing, and you will not be able to comprehend it if you don’t come higher. I hear your question, “How do I do that?” Quiet your soul and seek Me with greater intensity and focus. I will indeed pour out revelation knowledge and deeper understanding of My kingdom purposes. But, you must be in a position to receive what I am about to pour out. You must press through your comfort zone and step into territory that is unfamiliar. I tell you the truth, some of you have remained in old areas of religious comfort so long that you have gotten stuck there; you are truly established. But, I say to you, shake yourselves awake; be bold and take the next step. I am calling those who are willing to fast to break out of religious bondage. What I am about to pour out cannot be received where you are.

Inspiration Station

You are entering a time where your life will absolutely explode with diversity. You, My people, are going to break out of old molds that have confined your gifts, talents and abilities. Dreams and visions that were once extinguished by discouragement and lack of opportunity will now become revitalized. For, I say to you, that you are in the season of resurrection power. What has been dead and buried will now spring forth with new life and take on new meaning. Be warned, however, that you cannot do this by your own volition. That which is being raised up will be by My power, not by your will or coercion. You must rest in My presence, for I am the resurrection and the life and what I speak life into shall live! What I bring to pass shall be established.

Inspiration Station

Expect change, great sweeping change in all areas. For, I say to you assuredly, old things have passed away and all things are becoming new. Even the old things that are worth bringing into this new era will be transformed and take on the characteristics of progression. Those areas in your life that you stubbornly cling to and refuse to yield to this spiritual conversion will become lifeless and historical. You are but a pilgrim passing through this foreign land on your way to a City “whose builder and maker is God.” And, I tell you that many of you seek only to find a safe and comfortable place to stop and camp. But, your spiritual camping places are for the purpose of bringing you into greater revelation of Me. You cannot camp on revelation of one aspect of My nature and character and still see the fullness of My purpose. Believe Me when I tell you that the cloud is moving, and it is time to strike camp once again. You must move on to your next destination. But, fear not. I am with you. I will lead you and direct your steps. Come, courageous hearts; let us journey together!